Interested in presenting with Alexandria? Join the team!

Whether you’d like to present live webinars or simply record and sell your own training videos, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re always interested in fresh content, experiences and know-how, regardless of the topic and the language, as long as it is relevant, enriching and interesting for translators, interpreters and language services providers in general.

You remain in full control and ownership of your content. Webinars are generally not recorded to be sold as videos afterwards, unless you specifically wish for yours to be. If so, the recording will belong to you. We can sell it for you here in the Alexandria library if you like, and you can also sell it wherever else you want – we host it for you.

Alexandria also offers an attractive remuneration model for Presenters. Contact us for further information!

Should you prefer to not present live but record a  training video (or a series of videos) at your own pace, not only can we help you with technical matters (recording and hosting) but afterwards, we can also help you promote and sell your content.

Flexibility, transparency, freedom and scalability – with Alexandria, the sky’s the limit!

Whether your project is fully baked or just an idea at the back of your mind, we would be happy to help you make it come true. We are open to every ideas, so do not hesitate to contact the Alexandria team via email ( or use the form below. Please note that the Alexandria team can turn down a webinar proposal at its discretion if the proposal does not meet the quality standards of Alexandria or any other criteria.

A team member will be in touch soon!