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Creating the perfect communications plan

February 26th, 2013, 2:00 PM CET

Language: English
Presenter: Wesley Budd

Price: this webinar is free, but you are encouraged to sponsor our colleague Wesley Budd in his fundraiser for International ChildCare Trust by making a donation here.

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Product Description

There are many marketing communications tools which are available to us which makes it easy to forget a few as we remain focused on the others. This webinar will remind you that there is more to life than just twitter, linkedin and facebook. I will remind you of all the tools you could and should be using and then show you how you can make time for it all by creating the perfect communications plan.

This course is for agencies, LSPs as well as freelance translators.

Wesley Budd is dedicating this and future courses to International Childcare Trust who support children by empowering them with education and changing their future for the better. Please feel free to donate at least 5€ by clicking here.

Some feedback from translators who have attended this webinar:

“Thank you for a very well structured and interesting webinar. Wesley knows his stuff and communicated his message very well. Not too long. Perfect!” – Nathalie Reis


Wesley BuddWesley Budd

Wesley Budd, born in 1982, has always had a passion for promoting whatever was currently going on and looking at ways to support and help those around him which started off with him being college president. He left school relatively early at the age of 18 and started his commercial career. 11 years on and Wesley has never looked back. He now has 9 years marketing experience in various different industries including IT, Finance and FMCG. His working experience has allowed his education to continue outside of College and University and has allowed his education to combine with real life scenarios. Wesley has been highly influenced by his charitable work for International Childcare Trust as he has been able to experience new cultures and ways of living. This is why his passion for helping communities has gained even more strength after leaving college. Wesley’s philosophy is to share knowledge in order to improve economies and standards.

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