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In the 1970s Winfried Honig, known as Mr Honey, started compiling and computerizing English/German dictionaries, in order to provide his colleagues and students with samples of the language of business, as well as to collect convincing material for his State Department of Education to illustrate the need for special dictionaries covering the special language used in different branches of the industry.

In 1997 Mr Honey began to feed his wordlists into the LEO Online Dictionary of the Technische Universität München, and in 2000 into the DicData Online Dictionary.

The online versions are used by more than 500.000 daily visitors.

Mr Honey’s services are non-commercial to promote the language of business both in English and in German.

These banking glossaries have been extracted and processed by Wieland Haselbauer.

Two file types are available: Excel (.xlsx) or .tbx (the latter is in a .zip folder). Click on the desired file type(s) under the desired language pair to start the download.

Banking Dictionary Glossaries

Copyright of the source text: © Winfried Honig

Copyright of the glossaries: Wieland Haselbauer

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